Some feedback from our recent Easter Holiday Camp.

Both my boys loved the 3 days with you. They couldn't think of anything they wanted to change and their favourite parts were playing football and camouflage (plus they loved the medals). Congratulations to you for setting this up. I’m sure it took a huge amount of work, but on the basis of 2 opinions, you have a big hit on your hands.

Bridgewater parent

Milo has had a great time at camp. “I really liked the camps because of all the different sports I could try. I’ve never played golf before, I loved it. Today’s highlights were the golf and the Camouflage game. There’s a lot of variety, so you never get bored” He couldn’t think of anything negative to say at all! I personally think it’s fantastic value for money.

Anna Moody

He enjoyed it despite his buddies not being there so you must be doing something right. I asked him if he’d go again and he said definitely so he’ll be back. I’ve heard really good feedback from the other year 4 parents whose boys attended last week. It’s great to have more holiday options and a bonus for us that the boys have you running it.

Katy Webster

They both loved it! Kit liked cricket, football and dench ball. Sylvie liked dench ball the best and the camouflage game! Hopefully you’ll be doing the camps in the summer holidays??!

Jemma Arnold

Sophie and George both really enjoyed it and are keen to come again in the future!

Emily Houghton

They both really enjoyed the day with you and both would gladly come back for more! The games were “awesome”

Kelly Cornish

Charlotte really enjoyed her 3 days at the sports camp. She thought that the coaches were all good fun and very friendly.  She was made to feel really welcome. She particularly enjoyed the rounders and dench-ball she hadn't tried dench-ball before the camp. She liked being able to vote for the sports that the children would take part in during the day. She also really liked choosing some treats at the tuck-shop.  She will definitely be coming back another time!

Helen Holmes Higgin

The girls loved it. It was great for Cristina to try out sports like netball that she doesn't get to do at school. They had a great time and will definitely be joining again.

Alison Macmaster

I asked Noah for his feedback and he said he liked rounders the best!  As a parent of a boy who shies away from sports, I have been extremely pleased with it. Noah has come out very happy each day and has said he has had a great time. It was definitely the idea of a tuck shop that hooked Noah in but the fun he has had during the sessions will keep him coming back for more.   Noah is away in May but I will definitely book him into sessions during the summer holidays.  Thank you for all of your hard work with the kids. 

Lucy Toleman

Thomas loved your camp, always told me how much fun he had, and was always looking forward to going again! His favourite games were football and a game as he explains north east/south/west! He is looking forward to going to your camp again in the future! Very happy little boy after your camp, so thank you for that!

Baiba Olina

My son said he had an amazing time and wished we'd booked him in for more sessions!! Whilst my daughter said she had an amazing time too. Thank you for providing such a fun day. I'm sure they will be back!

Bridgewater parent